April 2014

Cover Story:

The Cloud Decision Point

Dorothy Creamer, Managing Editor

Two years ago, Interstate Hotels & Resorts was at a crossroads. Facing aging storage servers and the high costs associated with maintaining legacy systems, the company decided to move its infrastructure to the cloud. Today, CIO Jim Lamb is reporting that the wide-spread transformation is paying back in both financial savings and operational benefits, chief among them mobile access to the company’s business intelligence system. In this exclusive interview, Lamb offers insight into Interstate’s infrastructure transformation, plus tips for selecting and working with cloud-based technology suppliers.


MURTEC Takeaway: IT is Onboard

Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief

HT reflects upon the recent Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference and key takeaways including the importance of IT execs being able to think big, start small, and scale fast.

Point of Service:

Technology for "Smart" Bartenders

Lin Grensing-Pophal, Contributing Editor

In the near-distant past, bar operators were shaking kegs to see how much beer was left and high-end restaurants were printing and reprinting heavy, multi-page wine lists to provide to their patrons. Now bar operators are employing the latest technologies to create consistency for customers and control inventory for a better bottom line.

Property Wide:

Managing Bandwidth Costs

Tammy Mastroberte, Contributing Editor

The number and diversity of guests' mobile devices are placing extreme demands on hotel networks. As devices rapidly change, it's impossible to predict how much bandwidth will be necessary to satisfy future guests' expectations. Hotels must seek solutions to provide connectivity for a wide variety of devices, while managing their own costs.

Vantage Point:

POS: To Tablet or Not to Tablet?

Steven Meyer, Director of IT, Benchmarc Restaurants by Marc Murphy

The director of IT for Benchmarc Restaurants offers his insights on how to decide if a tablet-based point of sale is right for your restaurant and identifies key considerations.

Executive Insight:

New Security Threats Require Ongoing Diligence


As hotels expand the functionality of their networks to improve the guest experience, they are presented with increased security challenges. These challenges span regulatory changes, new technologies and changes in operational processes. Managing the security component of these changes is complex, time consuming and requires a specialized skillset. In this executive Q&A, Charlotte Baker, CEO of Digital Hands, talks about some of the latest challenges hotels face in protecting their networks, their guests, and their businesses.

Sponsored Case Study:

Cosi Redesigns Loyalty Program to Attract Millennials


When it became evident that Cosi's loyalty strategy had become less relevant to its customers, the eatery sought the help of Paytronix to revitalize the system and engage a younger demographic. The a POS-integrated solution has provided Cosi with the perfect fit for rewards, messaging and more, enabling management to have a better and more complete picture of what customers want in order to drive business.


2014 Hotel Connectivity Showcase


According to Hospitality Technology's 2014 Lodging Technology Study, more than two-thirds of hotels are planning to upgrade their networks in the year ahead. From meeting guests' bandwidth demands to installing IP-based operational systems, hotel connectivity is a top priority. Here HT magazine showcases two solution providers – Sonifi and INNCOM by Honeywell – that are focused on helping hotels leverage their networks for maximum investment. (Sponsored)


2017 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Executive Summit