Hot Holiday Trend: Gift Cards that Give Back, Personalize and More

For many restaurants this holiday season, the traditional gift cards of yore are getting a complete makeover in a play to boost sales and gain customer loyalty. Virtual personalization, gift cards that also give back to purchasers, and cards that double as loyalty programs top the list in recent trends.

Customized Booking Engine Delivers More Guests to Warwick's Doorstop

Warwick International Hotels and Resorts' newly customized site did not conform to standard booking engine templates currently available, so the company tapped its 15-year representation partner, Utell Hotels & Resorts, for a customizable option. Since August, Warwick has already noticed an increase in pay-per-click conversions, and guests have provided positive feedback.

What is Self-Service's Future in the Hospitality Vertical Market?

Over the past year, hospitality has drastically transformed from one of the hottest markets, to one of the most uncertain and dangerous ones for automation technology vendors. In Vol.2: Hospitality of their 2009 Self-Service and Customer Interaction Management Solutions study, VDC Research identified and analyzed the key now- and near-term opportunities and threats impacting the North American hospitality market.
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