Getting the Order Right (Now)

Though late to the kitchen display adoption party, many casual dining establishments are now harnessing these efficient systems to drive order speed and accuracy. Operators discuss the benefits of kitchen display units, electronic menu cards and more.

Self-Service Redefined

Kiosks are sliding over under the self-service umbrella to make room for a number of solutions that put control into the hands of customers. Learn how self-service is being redefined in the restaurant and lodging segments, and the solutions that are making it so.

M Resort Spa Casino Opens in Vegas

The M Resort Spa Casino opens in Las Vegas and features a wide array of technology installs in its guestroom and gaming area. Handheld, mobile gaming devices and seamless wireless access are just some of the solutions.

Red Wing Software Releases Advanced Payroll Tools

Red Wing Software's advanced earnings matrix is a payroll scheduling module that enables employers to easily enter pay data and track it appropriately by department, location, profit center and more.

Arby's Franchisee Cuts Costs with Above-Store Labor Reporting

Carisch Inc., a 72-unit Arby's franchisee is one of many restaurants searching for ways to cut bottom line expenses in this downturned economy. Learn how management is harnessing an above-store reporting tool to shave an average of 150 unnecessary labor hours from its expenses each day.
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