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Access to HT-NEXT on Monday is open to sponsors and registered attendees, including hoteliers and HTNG vendor members.



Workgroup #1


Providing best practices for hotels and vendors to process electronic payments and store payment information in a secure manner


Workgroup #2

Door Lock Security

Threat model and testing program to verify security of door locks


Workgroup #3

Centralized Authentication

Design criteria for implementation of centralized authentication for mobile devices across the hotel chain




Workgroup #4

Scalable Cellular Technologies

Best practices in cost-effective deployment of in-building cellular networks


Workgroup #5

Hotel Systems Dashboards

Requirements and best practices of a comprehensive technology dashboard geared towards hotel business professionals


HTNG Briefs & Bingo

Location:  University of Central Florida (UCF)

Join the HTNG Team and Workgroup Chairs at the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management where they will share some of the exciting and challenging work HTNG has been facilitating through their workgroups. There will be some new strategies to keep everyone engaged in this rapid-fire session.



Location:  UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management

HTNG is committed to advancing technology in our industry through partnerships with hospitality programs in colleges and universities. Join us this evening at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, which is conveniently located next to the conference hotel. We will begin the program with the annual town hall-style forum meeting (with a twist) followed by our opening reception. Shuttles will be provided, or you can enjoy the 10-minute walk to the college.

Sponsored by DISH. Transportation will be provided.


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Access to HT-NEXT on Tuesday is open to sponsors and registered attendees, including hoteliers and HTNG vendor members.





HTNG Breakout

Shaping the Role of the HTNG Vendor Advisory Council

Industry Panel

Participate in an interactive discussion with the HTNG Vendor Advisory Council (VAC) to explore ways to increase the value of the VAC, increase vendor engagement in HTNG, and help the VAC better serve the vendor community.


Workgroup #6


Best practices for optimization of the technology infrastructure during hotel renovations


Workgroup #7

Internet of Things (IoT)

Educating hoteliers and other industry participants on the uses, benefits and complications that accompany this new emerging landscape



Breakout #1

Talking About Payments with the People Who Know

Dive into the often confusing and intimidating world of payment security. Come away with a better understanding of what you should be doing or doing differently today, tomorrow and five years from now. Find out what is coming down the pike that hotels will need to know about and how to address in these two sessions:

Segment 1: Why PCI? The Benefits, Challenges & Misconceptions

Speaker: Jeremy King, International Director, PCI Security Standards Council

It’s no surprise that cyber criminals love hotels. So what can you do? In this session, Jeremy King, International Director, PCI Security Standards Council, will help attendees devise a roadmap for protection. He will outline steps that operators must take to ensure that a good data protection process is in place by identifying the different ways payment data can be exposed from on-property charges to e-bookings. 

Segment 2: Going Beyond PCI: The 411 of Firewalls

Speaker: John Bell, Founder of Consulting Firm, Ajontech, LLC

When it comes to protecting payment data, being PCI-compliant is not a cure-all. In this session, John Bell, founder of Ajontech, LLC, will offer insight into the “principle of least access.” In this instructional segment, Bell will share best practices for properly installing firewalls to protect data in way that can be conveyed to managers at the property level.



Breakout #2

HTNG WORKGROUP CONSORTIUM: Modern Messaging & New Ways to Integrate Systems

Industry Panel Including

Jai Govindani, Chief Technology Officer, Red Planet Hotels

Systems obviously need to talk to each other, but these experts will weigh in to examine how this must happen as the industry moves forward. This session will give attendees an in-depth peek into the work of two of HTNG’s workgroups: Open APIs and Next-Generation Distribution Messaging. These workgroups cover an area that represents a key directional shift for the industry that HTNG and workgroup chairs believe is needed.


Breakout #3

Reconsidering Revenue Management

Moderator:  Amy Gregory, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida's Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Industry Panel

Brian Bolf, Vice President of Profit Optimization, Kokua Hospitality

Jeff Garber, Vice President of Revenue Management Systems, InterContinental Hotels Group

Claudia Infante, Sr. Director, Revenue & Distribution Strategy, Hard Rock Hotels & Casino

Revenue managers share insights into the disruptors impacting legacy revenue management and how to adapt. Executives will highlight strategies for modern revenue management and the latest developments in technologies that help to make for smarter, predictive and analytical insights into the entire revenue picture.





Work Group #8

Cloud Communications

Leveraging new functionality that is possible with cloud-based telecommunications infrastructure


Work Group #9

Fiber to the Room

Best practices for power distribution for fiber optic infrastructures


Work Group #10

Next Generation Distribution Messaging

Evaluating emerging interoperability standards in travel distribution and recommending a common approach for the hospitality industry.



Breakout #4

Future-Ready Network Infrastructure

Moderator:  Martin Thornros, Principal, Convergent Services

Industry Panel

Nelson F. Garrido, Sr. Vice President, IT, Thayer Lodging / Brookfield Hotel Properties

David Heckaman, Vice President, Technology, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Sukhvinder Singh, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Host Hotels & Resorts

Secure and strong network connectivity is vital for hotels for both customer-facing and enterprise purposes. This session will cover how brands must think ahead and identify how they wish to leverage the hotel infrastructure and make smart decisions in order to accommodate always connected and mobile guests, Internet of Things strategies, and the increasing demands on networks from guest-facing to business operations. Hear from the panel of consultants, operators, brands and owners to hear about the benefits and considerations for the latest offerings and how to make sure your hotel’s network is “future-ready.”


Breakout #5

Getting Smart about PII: A Legal & Logistical Roadmap to Protect from Privacy and Security Risks


Cathy Zatloukal, Wireless Professional, 5th GenWireless Consulting LLC

Richard Sheinis, Partner, Hall Booth South, P.C.

As the hospitality industry embraces new technologies to achieve operational efficiency, and deliver a personalized guest experience, the need for privacy and security of personally identifiable information (PII) will grow as rapidly as the availability and use of data. In this data driven environment, hoteliers must know how to secure not only the basic identifiers like names, emails, addresses and phone numbers, but other PII that will be available in ever increasing quantities such as persistent identifiers, location and tracking and personal preferences. Along with security risks, come privacy regulations and compliance. This session will help attendees devise a roadmap for handling personally identifiable information. Experts will offer real-life examples of what’s classified as PII, how to identify what is and isn’t, plus the risks of not properly doing so. This deep-dive will also include the nuts and bolts of smart vendor partnerships and what hoteliers need to ask of their technology partners. 



Breakout #6

Emerging Technology: What's Hype, What's Hot, What's Next

Moderator:  Ted Horner, Managing Director, E. Horner & Associates, Pty Ltd.

Industry Panel

Amy Dice, Director, Field Technology Services, MGM Resorts International

Jeff Parker, Vice President of Hotel Technology, RLHC

Ali Saeb, Director, Hotel Technology, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

Jason Shane, Vice President IT, Hersha Hospitality Management

Innovation experts discuss what guest-facing technology is worth the investment and what emerging technology will have impact. Through a candid discussion, panelists will share what technology rollouts worked and what didn't and why, plus what they feel are the next must-haves to enable a truly digital guest journey.


Breakout #7

Selecting Technology Vendors: Ensuring Frictionless Experience with Multi-Vendor Integrated Tech Solutions

Speaker:  Allen Eskelin, CEO, Peak Portfolio

Allen Eskelin, CEO of Peak Portfolio, will guide attendees through how to select vendor partners that can work together seamlessly. Through case study examples from Dunkin’ Brands to Starbucks and its hotel partners, Eskelin will depict the best practices in selecting technology vendors and ensuring a frictionless experience when pursuing a best of breed strategy with multi-vendor integrated technology solutions.​


* WELCOME LUNCHEON featuring Topic Tables





Creating Frictionless Experiences Through Digital Leadership

Keynote Speaker:  Erik Qualman, Entrepreneur, Technology and Digital Media Expert, Professor & Author

World famous economist Richard Keynes in 1930 predicted that due to advances in technology that in 2017 we would be working 15 hours per day. Why was he so wrong and how do leaders today remain focused in an unfocused world? How do we ensure technology works for people rather than people working for technology? ​#1 bestselling author, Erik Qualman, will share five habits that all successful leaders practice and how embracing these behaviors will not only increase productivity but help remove friction from operations and ultimately drive success. Learn the top future trends and why they matter; combine online and offline worlds for frictionless service; the art of being “flawsome” – fail fast, fail forward, fail better; the importance of avoiding through-put traps to produce output and find out the fact and fiction about online hotel reviews.





Sponsored by Datatrend


Emcee:  John Burns, President, Hospitality Technology Consulting


Presenter:  Dorothy Creamer, Editor-in-Chief, Hospitality Technology

* Customer-Facing Innovator
* Enterprise Innovator


Emcee:  John Burns, President, Hospitality Technology Consulting

* Finalists Announced
* Awards Presentation




SOCIAL OUTING: "Cocktails & Competition"

Sponsored by Corserva

Kick back and enjoy a casual evening of food, drink, fun, and technology exploration. All HT-NEXT participants are invited to a networking function at Corserva’s hospitality technology concept center located ten minutes away from Rosen Shingle Creek. Experience the latest technology in real-world settings from a variety of solution providers, delivered through an innovative new approach to technology management called ‘Corserva Sphere.’ And don’t miss your opportunity to bring home bragging rights — test your skills against your colleagues on Corserva’s 6-car remote control race track! 

On Tuesday, make sure to pick up your Corserva key card at the Corserva booth to earn points towards the raffle for a free laptop.

Round trip transportation is provided, or you may take your own transportation. The first bus departs from Rosen Shingle Cree​k's Transportation Lobby (outside the convention center)  at 6:15 PM and the last bus departs from the hotel at 7 PM. Buses will return to the Rosen Shingle Creek at 9pm. The Corserva concept center is located at 8251 Presidents Drive, Orlando, Florida 32809.


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Access to HT-NEXT on Wednesday is open to sponsors and hoteliers only.





How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Change Loyalty & Engagement for Hospitality

Speaker:  Chris Ruff, President, Driven Growth

While the rise of Pokémon Go may just be a fad of 2016/2017, the core augmented reality technologies that were showcased in it have had a lasting impact on most industries. Use of augmented reality (AR) is expected to proliferate, with the latest estimates at the industry growing to $120 billion in revenue by 2020. Creative uses of augmented and virtual reality (VR) are popping up at resorts  and hotels of all sizes and types. This session will dig into how hotel brands can truly utilize VR and AR in better ways. Attendees will learn how can VR be used to increase brand loyalty as passionately as what was seen during the rise of the Pokémon Go in summer 2016; how to use the “pull” tech of AR/VR, where users request the experience, with beacon technology where messages and information are “pushed” to guests; and why it’s so important for hoteliers to implement these technologies and differentiate themselves from the competition as they become mainstream. Through best practices and use cases from other vertical industries, attendees will take away from this session what can be done to harness this opportunity now as well as what is coming down the pike.




HT Editorial Advisory Board Meeting



Hacking the Connected Hotel

Speaker:  Ted Harrington, Executive Partner, Independent Security Evaluators

As guests and guestrooms are increasingly connected, new security concerns have emerged. In this session, Ted Harrington of Independent Security Evaluators will extract the key concerns for today’s hoteliers. From mobile keys to HVAC systems, Harrington will offer insight into how adversaries attack and provide guidance on how executives and security officers need to work together to combat them.



Lightning Chat #1

360 Degree Digital Demand Ecosystem

Speaker:  Lance Miceli, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, G6 Hospitality LLC - A Blackstone Portfolio Company

Gone are the days when operations occur in silos. IT, marketing and finance must synchronize and integrate in order to drive a cohesive and thriving business. Marketing is both a science and an art and Lance Miceli, executive vice president & chief marketing officer of G6 Hospitality believes that ultimately, in the hotel ecosystem everything begins with data and structured analytics. In this mini-session, Miceli will share how G6 Hospitality is optimizing its demand platform for growth.


Lightning Chat #2

Optimizing the In-Room Experience Through the TV

Speaker:  Lenny Jachimowicz, Vice President, Global Operation, Engineering & Guest Experience, Marriott International Inc.

The guestroom television has been the subject of much debate on matters of its efficacy as an engagement tool. As guests increasingly bring their own devices and want to watch their own content, hotels have had to address how to utilize this ubiquitous piece of technology. Lenny Jachimowicz, Vice President, Global Operation, Engineering & Guest Experience, for Marriott International, Inc. will share how Marriott has addressed what was a poor in-room experience and transformed it into a global solution for Marriott that allows guests to view OTT content and screencast with a Marriott-patented solution. Jachimowicz will detail how he and his team made the set top box the key for a holistic solution that is fluid, setting the foundation for future upgrades such as voice automation.  


Lightning Chat #3

Hotels & EMV: Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Speaker: Jeff Parker, Vice President, Hotel Technology, RLHC

There has been much confusion, uncertainty and reluctance surrounding EMV since the Liability Shift took place in October of 2015. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that EMV alone is NOT a security solution, but rather a card verification methodology that requires a layered security approach including P2PE. In this session, Jeff Parker, VP of Hotel Technology, RLHC, and a member of HTNG’s Payment Technology’s Workgroup, will share a state of the union on where hotels are concerning EMV and where they should be.


Lightning Chat #4

Engaging Guests by Enabling a Digital Journey

Speaker:  Abigail Tan-Giroud, Head of St Giles Hotels, Europe, UK & North America

Centrality is key to St Giles Hotels’ strategy, our brand’s positioning is built on it and it is one of the main drivers when selecting hotels to be part of its expanding portfolio. St Giles 360 leverages virtual reality to engage guests and to see from their perspectives, what it actually means for them to “Be Central” in London, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Penang and Sydney. In this Mini-Talk, Abigail Tan, head of St Giles, Europe, UK and North America, will share how the company engages guests in the campaign from the creation and sharing of immersive content, to procuring guests’ videos, and what role virtual reality will play in the company’s overall customer engagement strategy. Tan will explain the process from conception to next phases as well as how St Giles 360 crosses a microsite, app and social media channels.


NETWORKING LUNCHEON featuring Topic Tables in the Exhibit Hall



Roundtable #1

Frictionless Guest-Facing Tech

Facilitator:  Chris Biggers, CIO, Boutique Hotel Collection

Facilitator:  Richard Wagner, Network Architecture and Emerging Technologies, Marriott International

Topics may include: mobile devices, apps, mobile keys & locking, TVs (hardware & content options), WiFi, and future tech trends


Roundtable #2

Frictionless Management Technology

Facilitator:  Nancy Templeton, Director, Enterprise Applications, Extended Stay America

Facilitator: Todd Wood, VP Technology, Global Applications and Enterprise Transformation Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Topics may include: mobile management, P2P systems, inventory management, workforce management


Roundtable #3

Innovation Workshop: Innovating Your Guest Experience in a Technology-Driven World

Facilitator:  David Straitiff, Director, Application Development - Global Operations Digital Platforms, Marriott International Inc.

Facilitator:  Fred Crespo, Director of Technology & Business Development, Hospitality Television Division, Samsung

Topic may include: How guest preferences differ from the business manager perspective; loyalty, cheeck-in/out, in-room entertainment and more!

Sponsored by Samsung





2017 Lodging Technology Study Deep Dive


Dorothy Creamer, Editor, Hospitality Technology

Gaurav Pant, Sr. Vice President, Research & Principal Analyst, EnsembleIQ Research

HT's editorial team offers insights, findings and analysis from the 2017 Lodging Technology Study.





Hosted by Samsung

Samsung -- the company that brings stellar entertainment to the hotel industry -- is bringing stellar entertainment to HT-NEXT! Don't miss their must-attend networking and social function on Wednesday, April 12th. It's the after-hours event that everyone will be talking about.


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Access to HT-NEXT on Thursday is open to sponsors and hoteliers only.





How to Survive & Thrive in the Digital Economy with Data Analytics

Keynote Speaker:  Kelly McGuire, Vice President, Advanced Analytics, Wyndham Destination Network

By now, most hospitality companies are in the midst of some form of digital transformation to meet the challenges of interacting with today’s connected consumer.  Hospitality executives know that they should be using analytics to take advantage of all of the new data sources created by digital interactions, but it’s often difficult to understand what it all means, and where to get started.  In this session, author and analytics evangelist Dr. Kelly McGuire will demystify this complex area of data analytics, talking about the technology, people and process changes that are required to support an effective digital transformation.  You’ll come away with a solid understanding of where the opportunities are, and how to advocate for adoption in your own companies.





IT Leadership Panel

Moderator:  Dorothy Creamer, Editor, Hospitality Technology


Todd Davis, CIO, Choice Hotels

Bruce Hoffmeister, Global CIO, Marriott International

Laurent J. Idrac, Group Chief Information Officer, Accor Hotels

In one powerhouse panel, attendees will hear from the industry’s top technology leaders. Find out what is keeping them up at night; what is inspiring them; hear what initiatives are exciting them; and what successes – or even failures – are driving them. This is a unique opportunity to hear from the hotel industry’s top CIOs and ask your own burning questions. The session will include taking questions live from the audience or via Twitter.




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