2015 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference


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Rest Magic MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Data Central by Restaurant Magic Software delivers a powerful restaurant back office system to any web-connected device in your organization. Are you battling COGS Variance, struggling with theoretical food costs, inventory challenges eroding your profits? Data Central gives you the intelligence to solve these and many other challenges faced by restaurants every day.

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RTI MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


QSR MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


MICROS MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Oracle’s MICROS provides leading enterprise-wide applications, services and hardware for the hospitality industry. MICROS combines its industry knowledge and expertise to provide cloud-based, mobile and on-premise solutions that allow its clients to streamline operations and successfully engage their customers.

Mirus MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Mirus provides decision makers across operations, finance and marketing with actionable intelligence. Our analytic software consolidates transactional information and a host of other data sources to measure and improve restaurant performance. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Mirus is a recognized leader in restaurant business intelligence.


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CBS Northstar MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Custom Business Solutions provides the latest technology products and services to the restaurant and hospitality industry. Our NorthStar suite of products pushes the limits of convention with NorthStar Order Entry, a convenient, user-friendly iPad POS solution that welcomes restaurants to the future of Point of Sale. CBS continues to be the nation’s largest POSitouch dealer. For more information, contact: info@cbsnorthstar.com.


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Spartan Computer MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

SCS is a national company specializing in the delivery of Point-of-Sale and Back-of-House services to multi-unit restaurant operators. These services include procurement, cabling, installation, maintenance, and Wi-Fi site surveys and installations. SCS is the only national company exclusively focused on providing technology services to the multi-unit restaurant industry.


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Altametrics MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


HP MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Kronos MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Crunchtime MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


VendorSafe MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


CTUIT MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Digital Dining MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Digital Dining continues to be an innovator in restaurant management automation and POS after almost 30 years in business and more than 50,000 installations, including independents and large multi-units - quick-service and table-service. Digital Dining software is flexible and robust while providing an easy-to-use solution for enhanced efficiency and improved service.


Compeat MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Compeat Restaurant Management Systems is a leading provider of restaurant back office, workforce, and accounting solutions. Our comprehensive products fit the requirements of any restaurant operation and provide features for inventory control, food cost analysis, daily sales reports, time and attendance, forecasting, labor scheduling, and payroll. All of our solutions are web-enabled and seamlessly integrated.


WAND MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

WAND Corporation is the global technology leader for the restaurant industry, partnering with the most well-known and world-class brands in the business. Delivering on our mission to be the greatest restaurant management and technology partner in the world, WAND delivers Digital Menu Board, Point of Sale, and Back Office solutions through the cloud-based Total Restaurant Management (TRM) platform. Visit wandcorp.com for more information or to request a FREE quote.


Silverware POS MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

SilverWare POS is a leading developer of end-to-end solutions based on advanced Microsoft and Mobile technologies. The company strives to improve its client’s profitability by delivering the most advanced technology in the Hospitality industry. SilverWare’s cloud-based solutions include Mobile Ordering, Menu Management, Real-Time Reporting, and Customizable Alerts & Analytics.

Hughes MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


MerchantLink MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Merchant Link is a leading provider of cloud-based payment gateway and data security solutions, removing the risk and hassle of payments for more than 300,000 hotel, restaurant and retail locations. Our solutions help you protect your business and exceed PCI requirements by eliminating the need to store payment data.


Bematech MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Bematech is a leading provider of Kitchen Display Systems, All-in-One systems, retail hardened computers and POS peripherals. Bematech has a solid reputation in the Hospitality industry and produce solutions that redefine consumer experience at the Point-of-Sale. Bematech offers management systems, services, training in 37 countries and operates in Brazil, China, Taiwan and USA. Visit www.bematechus.com for more information.


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Squirrel MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Speedline MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

The pizza point of sale experts, SpeedLine provides POS and restaurant management systems for pizza and delivery, quick service, and multi-concept restaurant chains. SpeedLine POS is the heart of a business intelligence network that helps chains and franchise companies see more clearly into every part of the business.




Cayan MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Avanti MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


MegaPath MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

MegaPath is a leading provider of managed services for restaurants nationwide. We offer a range of solutions – including Private Networks, Business Broadband, Managed Security and Compliance, Managed WiFi, Hosted Voice, and Cloud Services – all designed to help businesses deliver the experience that today’s customers and retail environments demand.


DelaGet MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

At Delaget, our innovative suite of restaurant solutions does more than crunch numbers. We transform data into meaningful, actionable insights that help restaurant operators run smarter restaurants, take control of margins and maximize profits. Together, our advanced loss prevention, analytics, reporting, and payroll and accounting services empower your business.


Toshiba MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Toshiba, retail’s first choice for point of sale, helps the food and hospitality industry soar with our retail-hardened, flexible solutions designed for demanding environments. Innovative solutions such as TCxWave, TCxFlight and SurePOS help merchants surpass customer expectations with flawless service and an enjoyable experience, easily adapting to changing needs.


Trustwave MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Paytronix MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Vivonet MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


ONOSYS MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Maitre'D MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Maitre'D by Posera is a leading provider of restaurant POS and management systems, with 20,000 customers worldwide and over 100 resellers in 26 countries. Maitre'D is an all-in-one solution, offering customizable POS for all types of restaurant concepts, Back-Office, Enterprise solutions, Kitchen Video Display Systems, Online Scheduling and Online Reservations.


Red Book MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Founded in 1999 by restaurateurs, HotSchedules and its broader portfolio of products provide mobile, cloud-based solutions that make managing and working in restaurants easier and more efficient. Our product line includes comprehensive labor and back office management, social eLearning, and shift/task management – all backed by outstanding service and support.

Heartland MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


NetFortris MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

NetFortris provides secure cloud-based communications solutions for mid-sized and enterprise businesses. NetFortris solutions are innovative, flexible and seamlessly integrated to provide a unified, end-to-end platform for voice, data, security, video and applications. Our dynamic and compliance-driven solutions serve companies in the retail, financial services, healthcare, and enterprise sectors.

Hyperactive MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


JDA MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

At JDA, we’re fearless leaders. We’re the leading provider of end-to-end, integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions for more than 4,000 customers worldwide. Our unique solutions empower our clients to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing revenue and reducing time to value so they can always deliver on their customer promises. Using JDA, you can plan to deliver.

OLO MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Revention MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Revention is the leading developer of complete, customizable restaurant and entertainment management solutions designed to streamline the way these concepts do business. Revention’s offerings include point-of-sale solutions, HungerRush™ integrated online ordering, and Revention Enterprise. Revention’s goal is to provide a complete solution that includes customized installation, training, technical support and much more.

Contingent MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Contingent focuses relentlessly on removing inefficiencies associated with typical “status quo” network service delivery. The company manages IT infrastructure such as wireless, POS, circuits, security appliances, digital signage, etc in large, multi-site networks. Services include managed WAN, network management, on-site technical deployment, field repair and maintenance.


WorldPay MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Worldpay is a card payment acquiring business allowing merchants to accept payments via the Internet, mail order/telephone order, wireless, and point of sale. We enable businesses of all sizes to accept multiple payment types securely through multiple connection choices. We own and operate our own platforms and process millions of transactions every day.


Syrus MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


Verifone MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

Verifone is transforming everyday transactions into opportunities for connected commerce. With over 30 years of uncompromised security, our trusted experts help to solve the world’s most complex payment challenges. We have clients and partners in more than 150 countries, including the world’s best-known retail brands, financial institutions and payment providers.

AirTight MURTEC 2015 Sponsor

AirTight Networks offers secure cloud-managed Wi-Fi for the multi-unit restaurant chain/franchise. Our Social + Analytics platform goes beyond 'plain-vanilla' Wi-Fi and allows you to understand and connect with your guests - whether you are in marketing or IT. Track dwell times and traffic patterns with presence analytics. Offer promotions in real-time and build loyalty programs with in-store Wi-Fi. Protect your network, maintain PCI compliance and deploy secure mobile POS.

EarthLink MURTEC 2015 Sponsor


For over 40 years, retailers have depended upon Tolt Solutions to optimize and maintain their IT infrastructure. They trust Tolt because we consistently deliver on time and on budget with our 1,000+ experts nationwide. We provide the best retail IT environment today for the consumer of tomorrow. Visit www.toltsolutions.com for more information.

New Vendor Showcase


eTouchMenu, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, is a leading software developer and provider of digital tabletop menus. eTouchMenu is a guest facing, tabletop digital menu system designed for restaurants and hospitality establishments.




Tillster is the global leader in digital ordering and customer engagement programs, enabling nearly one million new guest interactions a day. We provide solutions around ordering, payment, loyalty and lifecycle management that integrate across online, mobile, tablet, kiosk and call center, for over 40 of the largest brands.

MyCheck is a checkout technology that enhances the merchant and guest experience by integrating into point of sale systems. The technology allows users to view, split, pay their bill straight from their mobile device, in addition to redeeming offers and accruing loyalty card stamps. More information is available at www.mycheckapp.com.