2015 Hotel Visionary Awards Nomination Form


Hospitality Technology (HT) magazine is now accepting nominations for the 2015 Hotel Visionary Awards, which seek to honor hotel companies for their outstanding achievement in technological innovation over the past year. The Hotel Visionary Awards are open to hotel companies (including corporate brands, property management companies, and owners). Hotels may self-nominate and are encouraged to do so. Technology vendors/suppliers may also nominate hotel companies, but are not themselves qualified to receive an award.

Winning companies will be announced live at the Hotel Technology Forum (April 22-24) and profiled on the cover of HT's June 2015 issue!

Nominations will be accepted in two categories:

  • Customer-Facing / In-Room Technology Innovator: This award is presented to a hotel company that has leveraged customer-facing and/or guestroom technology innovations to differentiate and/or improve customer service. Results should reveal an increase in guest service, satisfaction or loyalty, and/or brand reputation. Technologies can include, but are not limited to, televisions, kiosks, display boards, mobile phone apps, in-room Internet access, etc.
  • Infrastructure / Back-Office Technology Innovator: This award is presented to a hotel company that has leveraged technology beyond standard practices to improve overall hotel operations. Results should reveal an increase in efficiency and/or cost savings. Technologies can include: PMS, revenue management, bookings, CRM, infrastructure/networking, and additional applications/hardware solutions that empower back-of-house operations.

Contest Rules

  • Who can enter: The awards will be presented to hotel companies only. Technology vendors/suppliers/consultants do not qualify for the Hotel Visionary Awards, however they may nominate hotels. Entries may be self- or third-party nominated.
  • What to enter: Fill out the nomination form below and be as specific as possible. Entries must focus on the innovation and leadership at the hotel organization for a project that has either been initiated, completed or in-progress within the past 12 months. Entries that simply promote the features of a single technology vendor's solution will not be considered.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations that may be submitted by any one party. A single project can be nominated in both categories if it had impact on both guest-facing and back-of-house operations. In this case, you must submit two separate nomination forms, one in each category. However, each submission MUST present unique information and supporting details relevant to the respective category. Do not submit two identical submissions in each category.
  • Winners will be judged based on the innovation and leadership demonstrated by the hotel company, with a focus on compelling solutions and results. Winners will be chosen by Hospitality Technology’s editorial staff and members of its advisory board and notified on or about February 11, 2015. The awards will be presented live at the Hotel Technology Forum, April 22-24 at The Gran Melia Resort in Puerto Rico. Winning hotel companies must be able to send an executive to the Forum to accept the award. Winning companies will be profiled on the cover of HT's June 2015 issue.


Note: All fields are required (mandatory).

Nominated Party
(Please include senior- or mid-level hotel executive contacts only.)

Please describe the reasons for this nomination by answering each of the following:

1. Problems/Challenges: What were some of the challenges/problems that this company set out to solve that would make them a good candidate for this award?

2. Solutions Deployed: Please provide background information on the technology vendors and solutions that have contributed to your nomination's success in this category. Your response must include a thorough description of the number (range) of technology vendors that were involved in this project, reason for selection, project expectations, key technological features/functions, and length of use.

3. Hotel's Role in Innovation: Beyond implementing a specific vendor solution(s), please describe the technological research and development work that was completed by the hotel company that helped to make this project a success. Your answer should clearly explain the innovations that were made by the hotel company, including key technology improvements and strategic best practices. Please do not recap the features and functions of the vendor solution(s) or the RFP process.

4. Results: What results has this company achieved since committing to a particular agenda? Your answer must include supporting examples and/or hard data as evidence of your nomination’s success in this category.

Please provide us with the following background information on your nomination:

Timeframe of the project (include the approximate project inception date and completion date in month/year):

Please feel free to provide us with any supporting documents that will help to present a fuller picture of the solution and its benefits. Email those documents to: alorden@edgellmail.com and dcreamer@edgellmail.com.

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