2014 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
Ryles Dodd MURTEC14 Speaker

Ryles Dodd

Sr. Director Restaurant Solutions
Arby's Restaurant Corp.

Ryles joined the Arby’s team in 2009 under The Wendy’s Arby’s Group umbrella as Director of Point of Sale Systems. His initial responsibilities included finalizing the design of a new POS system for Arby’s as well as rolling the platform to company owned stores. He also worked with the Wendy’s brand to select and design a new POS platform of the future for Wendy’s. During the 2011 divestiture of Wendy’s and Arby’s, Ryles played a key role in separating the Restaurant Solutions team from the two brands. He was named Director of Restaurant Solutions for Arby’s and was immediately tasked with building a new team to support restaurant technology. In 2013 he was named Senior Director of Restaurant Solutions as he and his team rolled out new inventory control systems and automated labor and beef cooking tracking applications.

Ryles has 19 years of experience in restaurant technology, first joining Longhorn Steakhouse in 1995 as POS Engineer and progressing into management rolls with RARE Hospitality in the late 1990’s. During the past 20 years Ryles has seen many technology shifts in the restaurant industry with great things on the horizon.

“I feel like we are on the cusp of a major technology change for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Back in the 1990’s we had the major shift from membrane type POS systems to touch screens and rudimentary connectivity along with more real time reporting. Since that time we have had minor advances but really just evolutionary changes to those products. We are starting to see fundamental changes in the way restaurants interact with customers as younger generations have new expectations of what their experience should be like. This is an extremely exciting time to be in the restaurant technology industry.”