2014 Hotel Technology Forum
Cathy Zatloukal HTF14 Speaker

Cathy Zatloukal

5th GenWireless Consulting

Cathy Zatloukal is the co-founder of 5thGenWireless, which helps hoteliers and vendors develop strategies to capitalize on the paradigm shifts created by the Mobile Internet. 5thGenWireless advises companies on product and marketing strategies to best adapt current hotel systems for the new Mobile Internet savvy guest.

Prior to 5thGenWireless, as CEO of MobileAccess, an in-building cellular solution provider acquired by Corning in March 2011, Ms Zatloukal worked with leading hospitals, hotels, and universities as well as the carrier community to map out new cost effective solutions and business models for premise based wireless networks. Previously she was the General Manager of Hughes Network Systems working on the conceptualization and development of converged small cell solution for enterprises. Earlier in her career, as Executive Director of Product Management for Lucent Technologies, Ms Zatloukal was responsible for the development and launch of one of the first digital wireless networks designed for both voice and data.

Ms Zatloukal brings more than 30+ years of experience in systems engineering, product management, and business development for wireless communication systems. At 5thGenWireless, she now focuses on applying her in depth understanding of the technology to help hoteliers and vendors alike optimize their solutions for mobile.

Ms Zatloukal holds a BS in Mathematics from Marshall University and is also the recipient of two US Patents. She is an active member of the Hotel Technology Next Generation industry association.