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2013 Restaurant Executive Summit
Catherine Adams Hutt 2013 RESTES SpeakerCatherine Adams Hutt
Principal, RdR Solutions Consulting, LLC
Chief Science & Regulatory Officer, Sloan Trends Incorporated

With experience in the public and private sectors, Dr. Adams Hutt provides advice and guidance on a wide range of topics. Catherine has senior experience in regulatory compliance, food safety, quality systems management, health and wellness, business strategy, product development, and software solutions for management of quality and product development processes. Catherine was formerly Chief Quality, Food Safety, and Nutrition Officer for McDonald’s Corporation and led Supplier and Restaurant Food Safety teams for YUM! Brands. She was Chief Quality Officer for Coors Brewing Company, led the North America Quality team at H.J. Heinz, and developed next generation Quality programs for the Campbell Soup Company. Catherine was Assistant Administrator for the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) where she led the development of HACCP as a regulatory tool. Dr. Adams Hutt has been an active participant in international programs, and led the U.S Delegation for the Codex Food Hygiene Committee. Catherine is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Food Scientist.

Chief Science and Regulatory Officer, Sloan Trends
Catherine partners with Elizabeth Sloan and Sloan Trends to create business strategy advice for Fortune 500 businesses in the food and dietary supplement categories. Sloan Trends examines consumer trends using unique predictive tools to identify emerging mega markets. They help businesses better understand the market and differentiate long-term business opportunities from short-term trends. Catherine compliments the trend analysis with in-depth investigations of the science behind the issues and regulatory considerations.