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2013 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
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Task Retail Technology MURTEC 2012 Sponsor Logo Xchangexec is a globally scalable Enterprise Data Management Solution (EDMS) with a securely hosted management suite harnessing the power of the internet to provide real time sales data, centralized POS terminal and data management with innovative technology integration such as digital electronic LCD menu boards, electronic marketing panels, global loyalty, mobile applications, KMS, CRM and Business Intelligence capabilities.
Mirus MURTEC 2012 Sponsor Logo MIRUS provides above store reporting and analysis solutions for restaurant companies. Our clients increase their revenues and profits by leveraging the value of the data in their Point Of Sale, Back Office and Enterprise systems. Promotion analysis, loss prevention, customer service times, and overtime reduction are a few of the benefits our clients report. MIRUS gives you a single place to consolidate all your data, and the tools for reporting and understanding what it all means.
NCR MURTEC 2012 Sponsor Logo NCR Corporation is leading global provider of innovative technology, services and customer-first mindset to the hospitality industry. Our integrated solutions drive productivity gains, attract and engage consumers and directly impact the bottom line. Visit ncr.com/hospitality to learn how we can help provide the right combination of solutions for your business.
Micros MURTEC 2012 Sponsor Logo MICROS provides comprehensive restaurant point-of-sale systems that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant, whether you operate a single restaurant or hundreds. With our modular restaurant POS systems that let you buy what you need, our restaurant point-of-sale software solutions are perfect for any business!
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CBS Northstar MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Custom Business Solutions provides the latest technology products and services to the restaurant and hospitality industry. From our NorthStar suite of products, we’ve launched NorthStar Order Entry, an iPad based software that welcomes restaurants to the future of Point of Sale. CBS is the nation's largest POSitouch dealer and we're proud to be recognized as an IBM (now Toshiba) Premier Business Partner. info@cbsnorthstar.com
Crunchtime MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Our mission is to help our restaurant partners dramatically lower their food and labor costs, drive operational consistency, and get the facts about their business performance. As an industry leader in web-based restaurant management solutions, we provide a fully integrated platform to manage food, labor, forecasting, supply chain, and analytical reporting. Visit www.crunchtime.com
HotSchedules MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Founded in 1999, HotSchedules is passionate about the fast-moving, high-energy restaurant culture and partnering to help you manage it better. HotSchedules’ suite of solutions are designed to deliver fast, proven ROI by streamlining the scheduling process, reducing controllable labor costs and increasing employee retention.
QSR Automations MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo QSR Automations® provides the revolutionary in-store, online, and mobile ConnectSmart® software and hardware solutions to help table service, quick service, and fast casual restaurant businesses around the world to measurably increase efficiency and quality while creating positive and memorable guest experiences every visit. QSR's innovative solutions include kitchen display, recipe viewer, seating and wait list management with text paging, in-store and online call aheads, and in-store and online reservations.
Squirrel Systems MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Squirrel, the point of sale pioneer, revolutionized the hospitality industry with the first touchscreen restaurant POS system in 1984. Today, Squirrel offers F&B operators an integrated platform of POS software, hardware, and 24/7 support, including solutions for enterprise management. Apple and Android mobile devices supported.
eRestaurant MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Altametrics’ enterprise management solutions are helping increase cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction and profitable strategic practices. With industry leading e*Restaurant, over 60,000 units worldwide have saved millions by cutting up to 5% in food costs and up to 3% in labor costs. Xformity, the revolutionary business intelligence platform, controls theft, internal fraud and incompetence, saving up to 2% of sales.
Xpient MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo XPIENT Solutions is a leading source for in-store and enterprise solutions to the Fast Casual and QSR markets. Our XENON platform offers all the benefits of a web-based solution, while continuing to function in the absence of connectivity. XENON - "Revolutionizing The Way We Do Business".
Macromatix MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo MacromatiX is the industry leader and the provider of the Retail Operating System, a Mobile Ready, cloud-based Back of House Solution for the restaurant industry including: Inventory, Labor, Operations, Cash Management, and Analytics. MacromatiX is a global company with a proven track record of providing outstanding customer service and innovation.
Volante MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Volanté Systems creates cutting edge enterprise level hospitality POS software. Focus is concentrated on research and development, producing powerful yet simple-to-use software with superior operational capabilities (Linux, Windows, and Android), exceptional reporting abilities; fail-safe data redundancies and synchronization management. Volanté offers a combination of choice, reliability, scalability, and affordability, second to none in the industry.
RTI MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo The RTIconnect Back-Office provides tools for both franchise-owned and corporate restaurants to succeed. It has proven scalability from a single unit to over a thousand locations in a brand. And through interfaces with more than 30 POS systems and dozens of food suppliers, we ensure a complete fit for your organization.
SecureConnect MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo SecureConnect delivers a range of services from basic validation services to comprehensive, managed network security. With a focus on the multi-site retail industry, SecureConnect is proud to serve franchise brands across the country. SecureConnect also provides a complete PCI compliance initiative for acquirers and franchisors through training, marketing support, and merchant validation.
Website: www.secureconnect.com
ParTech MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo PAR has more than three decades of success delivering advanced point-of-sale, enterprise back-office, and mobile solutions with more than 50,000 installations in 110 countries. PAR offers innovative technology solutions for the full spectrum of restaurant operations, from large chain and independent table service restaurants to international quick service chains.
Paytronix MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Paytronix delivers an integrated, reliable rewards platform for connecting your guests to social, mobile and POS touch points. Visit Paytronix if you are interested in: Rewards Programs, Gift & Comp Programs with eGift, iPhone & Android Apps and Email, SMS, Push & In-App Messaging.
IgniteTech MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Ignite's Content Delivery Solution is a proven, turn-key solution deployed at some of the world’s largest quick-service businesses. Ignite enables the electronic delivery of business procedures, training materials, store promotion information and safety guidelines while centrally managing the inventory and maintenance of restaurant operations PCs.
NEC MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo NEC Display Solutions is a leading designer and provider of innovative, eco-friendly digital display solutions for many marketing including restaurants. From weather-resistant solutions for drive-thrus and bright, slim displays for menu boards to touch-integrated kiosks and video walls for entertainment, NEC delivers cost-effective solutions that keep customers coming back.
CTUIT MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Ctuit RADAR is a complete above-store, BI, Financial and Analytical reporting tool that gives the entire management team deep insight and control to quickly identify trends and operational issues. Ctuit RADAR users make informed, fact-based decisions critical to success. Please view an informational demonstration at www.ctuitradar.com/movie.
Hughes 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Restaurants face new challenges and opportunities. Network initiatives like Wi-Fi to improve customer experience, video training to engage employees and mobile-POS to streamline operations—require more network capacity, higher reliability and better security. Hughes managed network and digital media solutions enable your restaurant to take advantage of these opportunities cost-effectively.
Restaurant Magic 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Data Central by Restaurant Magic Software delivers a powerful restaurant back office system to any web-connected device in your organization. Are you battling COGS Variance, struggling with theoretical food costs, inventory challenges eroding your profits? Data Central gives you the intelligence to solve these and many other challenges faced by restaurants every day.  
VST 2013 MURTEC Sposnor VendorSafe® Technologies secures networks and credit card data across widely distributed enterprises. We offer a suite of solutions, ranging from managed firewalls to network scans. In short, we help merchants achieve and maintain PCI compliance today while preparing their networks for the evolution of tomorrow’s payment technology.
Sicom 2013 MURTEC Sposnor SICOM Systems, Inc. is a POS, Enterprise, Digital Signage and Loyalty company headquartered in Doylestown, PA dedicated to the research, design, development, manufacturing, marketing and service of technology systems for the demanding restaurant industry. The largest approved POS and Digital Signage vendor for BURGER KING® restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, South and Central America, Caribbean and the United Kingdom, SICOM Systems' technologies are used in more than 7,000 BURGER KING® restaurants worldwide.
Compeat 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Compeat Restaurant Management Systems is a leading provider of restaurant back office, workforce, and accounting solutions. Our comprehensive products fit the requirements of any restaurant operation and provide features for inventory control, food cost analysis, daily sales reports, time and attendance, forecasting, labor scheduling, onboarding, and payroll. All of our solutions are web-enabled and seamlessly integrated.
Digital Dining 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Digital Dining continues to be an innovator in restaurant management automation and POS after almost 30 years in business and more than 50,000 installations, including independents and large multi-units - quick-service and table-service. Digital Dining software is flexible and robust while providing an easy-to-use solution for enhanced efficiency and improved service.
Star Micronics 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Star Micronics, one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers, offers a full line of mobile, thermal, dot matrix and multifunction printers which meet the widest of hospitality applications including loyalty programs. Star’s printer models are available with serial, parallel, USB, PoweredUSB, Ethernet, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth interfaces. For more information visit www.starmicronics.com
Wand 2013 MURTEC Sposnor WAND Corporation is the future of QSR technology, spearheading a convergence between Point Of Sale, Digital Engagement, and Analytics. Our Digital Restaurant solution includes POS & Back Office Systems, Digital Menu Boards, Analytics, Enterprise Management and Support. WAND is 100 percent QSR focused and has 25 years of industry experience developing innovative solutions for franchisees and corporate brands.
Bematech 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Bematech is a leading provider of Kitchen Display Systems, All-in-One systems, retail hardened computers, and POS peripherals. Bematech has a solid reputation in the Hospitality industry and produce solutions that redefine consumer experience at the point-of-sale. The Company offers management systems, services, training in 37 countries and operates in Brazil, China, Taiwan, and USA. Visit www.bematech.com for more information.
Sharp 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Sharp’s POS systems are designed to make your point-of-sale system an area of high customer satisfaction. From flexible Open Platform technology to the reliability of POS systems that Sharp is known for. Combined with Digital Signage Solutions, offering a wide range of products, Sharp can help offer technology that makes sense.
Vantiv 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Vantiv is a leading provider of payment processing services and related technology solutions, differentiated by a single, proprietary technology platform. We work with merchants and financial institutions of all sizes to develop programs that simplify payments and focus on new revenue and opportunities. Let's discuss your future success. www.vantiv.com. Expect more.
Posera 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Maitre'D by Posera is a leading provider of restaurant POS and management systems, with 20,000 customers worldwide and over 100 resellers in 26 countries. Maitre'D is an all-in-one solution, offering customizable POS for all types of restaurant concepts, Back-Office, Enterprise solutions, Kitchen Video Display Systems, Online Scheduling and Online Reservations.
Megapath 2013 MURTEC Sposnor MegaPath is the leading provider of network and managed security solutions for restaurants. Offering one of the largest network footprints in the US, world class security and a variety of access technologies, MegaPath provides complete PCI compliant solutions to many of the largest restaurant operators in North America.
WorldPay 2013 MURTEC Sposnor WorldPay is a global card payment acquiring business operating in over 30 countries which allows customers to accept card payments both at the point of sale and over the internet. We offer services across the entire payment value chain, including transaction capturing, merchant acquiring and transaction processing.
Onosys 2013 MURTEC Sposnor ONOSYS is a leading developer of mobile and online ordering systems for restaurant chains. The company services over 75 brands including Panera, Applebee’s, Corner Bakery Cafe, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Boston Pizza and numerous other concepts. Acquired by LivingSocial in 2012, ONOSYS’ ordering solutions have processed millions of food orders on behalf of leading restaurant brands worldwide.  
HyperActive 2013 MURTEC Sposnor HyperActive Technologies® provides unmatched drive-thru innovations to the QSR industry, including HyperView, the world’s most reliable order confirmation display and HyperView® PE, the longest lasting OCD in the market. And, QTimer® drives profits with real-time drive-thru management tools, while DriveTime® Cloud, utilizes the speed of Internet-based cloud computing power.
Decision Logic 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Reduce waste. Manage risk. Multiply profit. Decision Logic delivers a proven back office software suite that gives operators tools to make accurate, timely decisions concerning purchasing, labor and pricing. PCI compliance and managed service products reduce POS downtime, provide safe remote support, and proactively identify developing problems. See how at Decision-Logic.com. 888.358.7728
Spartan Computing 2013 MURTEC Sposnor SCS is a national company specializing in the delivery of Point-of-Sale services to multi-unit restaurant operators. These services include procurement, cabling, installation, and maintenance. SCS is the only national company exclusively focused on providing technology services to the multi-unit restaurant industry.
Mercury 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Mercury® is one of the fastest-growing payment processing companies in North America. Mercury delivers secure and reliable integrated payments and technology leadership to the industry. Mercury is pioneering the "Social POS," empowering merchants to identify, acquire and retain customers through unique engagement and closed-loop measurement using Mercury's mobile loyalty platform.
Trustwave 2013 MURTEC Sposnor Trustwave is a leading provider of compliance, Web, application, network and data security solutions delivered through the cloud, managed security services, software and appliances. Trustwave has helped hundreds of thousands of organization manage compliance and secure their network infrastructures, data communications and critical information assets. For more information, visit https://www.trustwave.com.
JDA RedPrairie 2013 MURTEC Sponsor JDA® Software Group, Inc., The Supply Chain Company®, offers the broadest portfolio of supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations and all-channel commerce solutions to help companies manage the flow of goods from raw materials to finished products and into the hands of consumers. JDA’s deep industry expertise and innovative cloud platform helps companies optimize inventory, labor and customer service levels. As a result, JDA solutions have become the standard for the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors. To learn more, visit jda.com or email info@jda.com.
Cognizant 2013 MURTEC Sponsor Cognizant is a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, dedicated to helping the world's leading companies build stronger businesses. Cognizant combines a passion for client satisfaction, technology innovation, deep industry and business process expertise, and a global, collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work.
Posiq 2013 MURTEC Sponsor Introducing PosiqCRM. The only guest loyalty, automated marketing, and real-time analytics platform that integrates directly into your existing Point of Sale system. Just plug securely into the Posiq cloud (installs in under 15 minutes), and instantly see everything you’ve never seen, whether it’s a single restaurant or 5,000 locations. Find out more at www.posiq.net.
Olo 2013 MURTEC Sponsor OLO is the original and best-in-class online and mobile ordering and payment provider for restaurants. Since 2005, OLO has helped 150+ brands increase takeout sales and customer frequency through seven forms of ordering integrated to their POS. Clients includes Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Cold Stone Creamery & Dickey’s BBQ.
Gulfcoast 2013 MURTEC Sponsor Gulfcoast is the industry innovator, with solutions that are truly plug and play. Our DVR’s and integrated local/remote loss prevention software suite integrates seamlessly with major POS systems, and virtually any other data generating device including; smart safes, IP cameras, money order machines, tank monitors, alarm systems, and more.
Fortinet 2013 MURTEC Sponsor Fortinet, a global provider of IT security, delivers customer-proven solutions that provide organizations with the power to protect and control their IT infrastructure. Our customers rely on our purpose-built technologies, integrated solution architecture, and global security intelligence to block external threats and gain precise control of their network, data, and users. With more than 125,000 customers in every industry around the world, Fortinet has the broad base of experience necessary to help secure diverse, extended networks and thereby improve network and business performance.
HubWorks 2013 MURTEC Sponsor HubWorks Interactive LLC develops software that allows guests to order and pay directly from an iPad. Our software platform aims to increase profitability and enhance the customer experience for any venue where food and beverage is sold—this includes restaurants, bars, hotels, sports arenas, theaters, golf courses, and cruise ships.
HP 2013 MURTEC Sponsor As the world’s largest technology company and a leader in retail solutions, HP provides a core set of products and services to drive efficiencies and informed decisions for retailers around the world. HP solutions focus on improving revenue and profitability and include analytics, information management, cloud, store automation, and mobility.
Telekenex 2013 MURTEC Sponsor Telekenex is an enterprise IP service provider with a robust private international IP network and innovative solutions, including: Cloud PBX, Back & Security, MPLS, Managed Ethernet, SIP Trunking, and a full suite of IP Telephony solutions. Telekenex has been serving enterprise customers with carrier-grade managed solutions for over 19 years.
Quickcue MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Quickcue is a simple, beautiful way to manage tables, waitlist, reservations, guestbook and table notifications all in one application. Quickcue replaces pagers, provides text and voice notifications, captures guest preferences with tags and notes, identifies VIP’s and returning guests. Finally, you can provide exceptional, personal hospitality every time.
New Vendor Showcase
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Stratacache MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Trusted by the world's leading restaurants, STRATACACHE’s Digital Menu Board solution delivers dynamic, eye-catching content that allows restaurants to daypart menu items, update pricing, enhance the dining experience and increase sales. From multi-panel menu boards to specialty/feature panels, STRATACACHE can meet all your digital menu board needs.
Reliant MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Logo Reliant provides IT, networking, data security and centralized wireless application technology to some of the biggest brands in restaurants, retail, and hospitality. With its innovative Redbox Platform and consulting expertise, Reliant helps its customers secure data, simplify infrastructure and save money on solutions that would be more costly with other providers.
Kronos MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Kronos helps leaders in dining manage their workforce to overcome industry obstacles such as the Affordable Care Act, Guest Satisfaction, and Compliance. More than 1,000 retail and hospitality organizations around the world use Kronos solutions on-premise or in the Cloud including: time and attendance, budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, absence management, HR, payroll, hiring, and labor analytics. For more information visit: www.kronos.com/dining.
RDS MURTEC 2013 Sponsor 63 years in business - 400 IT Professionals - 20,000 satisfied customers. Providing point of sale, back of house, enterprise solutions, installation services and general IT consulting to Franchisees such as: Arby's, Blooming Brands, Caribou Coffee, Church's, Culver's, Dairy Queen, Firehouse Subs, Five Guys and Freddy's Custard.
Merchant Warehouse MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Merchant Warehouse is a recognized leader in payment acceptance solutions and merchant services. With Merchant Warehouse, merchants can achieve strategic business advantage through the delivery of current and emerging payment, offer, and program solutions and merchant services that dramatically enhance the merchant-customer experience.
DTT MURTEC 2013 Sponsor DTT is the largest nationwide provider of surveillance and video-based LP services designed for the restaurant industry. DTT offers a suite of management solutions, LP, and managed services, including software, hardware, POS integration, auditing, consulting, & unmatched, 24/7 support. The integrated, pro-active systems provide operators with actionable business intelligence data.
SpeedLine MURTEC 2013 Sponsor The pizza point of sale experts, SpeedLine provides restaurant management systems for pizza and delivery, quick service, and multi-concept restaurant chains. SpeedLine POS is the center of a rich business intelligence framework that lets chains and franchise companies see inside their entire business to improve performance.
Vivonet MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Vivonet (www.vivonet.com) turns everyday point-of-sale (POS) transactions into valuable and actionable business insights to help restaurants accelerate growth through data. Our revolutionary product -Halo POS- combines easy-to-use cloud-based technology with the very best in mobile and social media features.
DelaGet MURTEC 2013 Sponsor DelaGet LLC is a trusted partner of multi-unit restaurant operators around the world, servicing more than 8,500 restaurants and processing data associated with more than four billion order items annually. By centralizing and consolidating the data from numerous point-of-sale, back-of-house, banks, suppliers, drive-thru timers, etc., DelaGet leverages the data to increase operator efficiency and profitability through its above-store reporting; data integration; loss prevention; marketing measurement and planning; payroll processing; and general ledger accounting services.
HPS MURTEC 2013 Sponsor Heartland Payment Systems, one of the nation’s largest payment processors, offers SmartLink, a managed network solution that maximizes network connectivity and security, and Freshtxt, a front-of-house solution that lowers operating costs by managing reservations, wait lists, table seatings and text marketing. To learn more visit us at HeartlandPaymentSystems.com/Restaurants.