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2013 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
Phil Crawford MURTEC13 SpeakerPhil Crawford
Chief Information Officer
Yard House USA Inc.

Phil Crawford has always had a passion for technology and leadership, but he never quite imagined a part-time college position at a hotel would blossom into a fledging career in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The attainment of Chief Information officer for Yard House Restaurants has been achieved through continual hard work, advancement in education and knowledge, and the die-hard drive for sustained perfection and self-gratification.

Phil’s first interest in technology started at an early age, when his parents first introduced him to the first generation of Apple II and Commodore 64 computers. Being intrigued by the vast possibilities of the devices, he quickly became inspired at an early age to write basic organizational programs for his mom and dad. It was the tinkering with software programming at an early age that fostered his passion for technology, which eventually drove him to expand his educational knowledgebase and career in the field.

Phil continues today to use his skills and knowledge obtained through the years to foster growth, both for Yard House and in his personal life. A firm believer that technology is a key component to not only a business’s success but more importantly society’s success, he continues to innovate and use his “outside the box” methodology to create new technologies.