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2012 Restaurant Executive Summit
Rick Parker 2012 RESTES SpeakerRick Parker
Principal Consulting
Table Group Consulting

Rick has been a Table Group principal consultant since the inception of the consulting practice in 2004. Rick spends the majority of his time on-site with his clients in various locations representing numerous industries but all suffering from the same ailment - team dysfunction and a lack of clarity. Rick has gained long-standing client relationships with his flexible approach in tackling the most relevant issues and assuring all team members are accountable to their commitments. Among Rick’s clients are Coca-Cola, Home Depot, MetLife, Hilton Hotels, American Dental Association, as well as many others.

Rick began his career at CompuServe during the pre-internet years. While at CompuServe he experienced a truly excellent standard in corporate culture that continues to drive his passion for developing high performing teams. Rick interfaced with global clients as he managed a technical product line. Rick led both collocated and virtual teams during the largest Fortune 500 corporate merger in U.S. history when CompuServe was acquired by WorldCom/MCI - and provided solid leadership through a challenging time at WorldCom. These experiences, along with working alongside author John C. Maxwell, equipped Rick for a strategic role to help others grow their organizations. While working at Injoy/Maximum Impact, Rick started the Corporate Training business unit under the direction of John C. Maxwell. Rick was responsible for P&L, product development, instructional design, business development, marketing, and client relationships.

Rick holds an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University, an MBA from the University of Dayton, and executive education credentials from Stanford, College of Business.

He and his wife Kristy live in Atlanta, Georgia along with their three daughters.