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2012 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
Chris Rahder
Non-Traditional Business Development
Sizzler USA Restaurants Inc.

Chris Rahder has never been “traditional”. From his personal life to his business experiences he has taken the path less chosen and used his business savvy and passion to create opportunities where other people may not have seen them. Chris joined Sizzler in 2010 with the intention of creating a whole new area of business opportunity for this 53 year old start-up restaurant chain. Since coming on board Chris has created a carry-out program called “Weigh to Go” which is being introduced throughout the chains 174 restaurants. He is in the process of developing a retail version of the Sizzler’s Food Bar program with some unique twists. And one of his most innovative ventures is the development of both a Food Trailer for Sizzler doing business on the Base at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside CA serving our Men and Women in Uniform and a Food Truck that is beginning to make the circuits in the many Food Truck Events that are taking LA and surrounding suburbs by storm. You can guess that Chris did not take a traditional approach to the Food Truck Business. From the Menu to the production and service methods to the use of technology to fully integrate all aspects of the business Chris and his team are creating innovations that are sure to change the methods currently in place in the Food Truck space. He implemented the use of I-Pads for visual menu merchandising; ordering and paying and bringing the personality of the Truck out to the people standing in lines to order. Chris has worked with the team to develop the integration of the I-Pad into all aspects of inventory controls, scheduling, payroll, production, and Menu Merchandising along with avenues of Social Media that connect the ZZ Trucks events with its many fans. Chris attended Cerritos College pursuing culinary arts and also The California Culinary Academy for Baking. Chris has worked in several hotels and restaurants taking him all the way to Osaka, Japan. When Chris returned to the United States he worked with Buffets, Inc. in menu and product development, kitchen layout and flow and as General Manager of one of the highest volume Hometown Buffets in the system. Chris brings a passion for food and for guest service to the burgeoning Food Truck business and believes that combining Technology with Personality that the ZZ Truck is destined to create raving fans throughout LA and beyond over the coming years.