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2011 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
Larry Archibald
Director of Performance Reporting - Architect
Whataburger Restaurants LP

Larry Archibald has served as the Architect of the Performance Reporting group for Whataburger LP since June of 2003. Larry is responsible the strategic direction employed in the business intelligence and data warehouse design and execution and is responsible for the delivery of key metrics used to manage key operations within the Whataburger business model. He is also responsible for the integration of disparate Point-of-Sale (POS) information into a unified model which enables management to view information across the enterprise.

Prior to joining Whataburger Larry was the Founder of ClearOak Technologies which provided Business Intelligence as a service (SaaS) to the small to mid-size company. Larry has over 20 years of leading teams in using information technology to transform and grow businesses in meaningful ways. Larry is a graduate of Brigham Young University in Finance and a graduate of Colorado State in Computer Science.