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2011 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
Chris Demery
Vice President, Enterprise Application Development
Domino's Pizza

Vice President, Enterprise Application Development, Chris is responsible for all technology initiatives that support or serve internal users throughout the Domino’s Pizza enterprise – a network that comprises nearly 5000 domestic stores, 1600 International stores, and over one hundred thousand corporate and franchise end-users. He’s also responsible for integrating internal technologies with customer-facing applications, such as online ordering and in-store sales kiosks.

In addition to Quick Service Retail (QSR) Enterprise applications, Chris has strong cross-industry business expertise in the software engineering, process improvement, project management, six-sigma, training development, and computer programming in both government organizations and the commercial sector.

Along with his current application development responsibilities at Domino’s, Chris is leading a team to determine how to effectively use enterprise collaboration and technology to drive business initiatives. He’s coupling enterprise social networking tools – open-source portals, forums, wikis, blogs, and interactive learning – with proprietary Point-of-Sale (POS) technologies. Thus, linking widely dispersed store-level employees together to incentivize friendly competition, knowledge-sharing, community-building, and ultimately, to increase sales and profit.