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2011 Hotel Technology Forum
Katrina Lane
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Katrina Lane is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and is responsible for company efforts to create, enhance, and utilize technology to drive business objectives. Specific groups in her area include Innovation, Gaming, all company Information Technology and company websites. She has been recognized by Casino Enterprise Management magazine as a 2010 gaming technology leader, and her department was a 2010 CIO 100 winner for Innovation.

Prior to this role, Katrina was VP of Channel Marketing where she had responsibility for the company’s customer communication management initiatives, Internet marketing, mobile marketing, e-care, customer analytics, media planning and teleservices.

Prior to joining Harrah’s in March 2004, Katrina was SVP Marketing at After Hours Formalwear, a division of May Company. She worked in retail, banking, and online marketing for 7 years at McKinsey & Company, and was co-leader of its Customer Relationship Marketing Practice. She has a B.S. in Physics from Stanford University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from Cornell University. She is an active member of the non-profit Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society.