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2010 Restaurant Executive Summit


....this is an intimate, relaxed event where you have the opportunity to interact with all speakers before and after sessions and have time to think, reflect and focus on specific issues affecting your business.

....you can meet with virtually any attendee, with numerous opportunities to exchange ideas and form lasting business and personal relationships.


"I have taken 2 or 3 actionable ideas away from this conference each time I have attended that have made an impact on my organization."
- Bryon Stephens, VP of New Business Development, Marcos Pizza

"It was a well planned Summit with interesting topics and networking sessions."
- Partha Mukherjee, CIO, Church's Chicken

"Along with MURTEC, the Restaurant Executive Summit is incredibly valuable to sharing, learning, and gleaning from others best practices in the hospitality industry. By far the best conferences in the industry for networking and learning best practices."
- Greg Buzek, President, IHL Group

"These sessions allow us to stay on top of new trends and provide us a forum to be educated - especially when we don't have time to focus on education."
- Rita Sanchez, Director of IT, Technical Relationship Management, NBC Universal Orlando Resort