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2010 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
Chris Duncan
Vice President, Administration
Hooters of America, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Chris Duncan began his career with Hooters of America in 1994 as Manager of Special Programs in the Marketing Department for Hooters. After eighteen months of managing their NASCAR program and starting up the Hooters Pro Golf Tour he moved into Operations where he learned the inner workings of running restaurants. A little over a year after building a foundation in Operations, Chris took over the helm of the Information Services Group.

Within six months of rebuilding the group, Hooters had rolled out an Enterprise Point of Sale system, eliminating all manual sales reporting and Payroll. Over the following ten years, Chris would lead his company in rolling out two major Point of Sale systems and continued automation both at the store level and at the Corporate Headquarters. Chris also spent time as Vice President of Human Resources for the company.

With two major Point of Sale companies failing to satisfy the needs of Hooters, in 2005 Hooters set out to develop its own Enterprise-Based Point of Sale. In 2006 the product went into beta, and by early 2007 it had been deployed in all 123 Hooters Corporate locations and in 40 plus Hooters Franchise Locations. In 2006 Hooters won the Technology Innovation award from Nations Restaurant News for their accomplishments. ITWERCS (Information Technology Web-Enabled Restaurant Control System) was established and has since been put into pilot with several other restaurant chains in late 2008. ITWERCS is a full featured Enterprise System, including Point of Sale, Inventory and People Management solution. In 2009 ITWERCS Online Ordering will launch for the Hooters chain.

Chris lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two children. He enjoys boating, golf and living the Hooters lifestyle.

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