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2009 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
Rob Ireland
IT Director, Wendy's Tar Heel Capital

Mr. Ireland is an Information Technology (IT) veteran of nearly 20 years. A 1989 graduate from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems, Mr. Ireland was an early pioneer in medical information technology for NCP, Inc. in Pensacola, Florida as a PC Technician. Later he opened his own company, Digital Desktop, in Blowing Rock, North Carolina in 1993. While running this company, Mr. Ireland specialized in complex graphic conversion, a relatively new concept for small business computing in the early 1990's.

As the personal computing market became more mobile, so did Mr. Ireland's focus, turning to a new position in 1995 with Siecor Corporation as a PC Support Analyst. His collaborative work methods led to a process of customizing computer components to meet the individualized needs of his company's customers, while maintaining and upgrading hardware. This included support for the burgeoning notebook market, making use of new miniaturization technologies. This experience translated into a promotion at Siecor Corporation, where he maintained the Sales & Marketing solutions department, putting into place an updatable electronic catalog of offerings, available on the Internet by 1997.

Another promotion at Siecor Corporation to a business analyst role allowed Mr. Ireland the opportunity to manage the development and maintenance of the company's Business Enablement Systems and Applications (BESA). Working in this capacity required innovative workflow solutions that took into account customer requirements that made use of the best ways available to develop and integrate software and hardware concepts, modifying and replacing them where necessary.

In 2000, Mr. Ireland seized the opportunity to become the manager of intranet services at Corning Cable Systems in Hickory, North Carolina. This career allowed him the opportunity to build and manage an intranet that is used by over 14,000 people in 13 different languages. Strategic team management meant directing and working with graphic artists, web developers, and third-party vendors to construct a system ready to perform to international specifications. In addition to managing the overall orchestration, this project required Mr. Ireland to be in constant contact with those handling daily technical operations, including the webmaster, and related developers, authors, and administrators.

Before coming to Tar Heel Capital, one of the largest Wendy's franchises in America, Mr. Ireland returned to the medical technology field, this time with Cytosol Opthalmics, Inc. in Lenoir, North Carolina, as the director of product development. While there he managed several key projects, including the development and promotion of the OEM Contract Development division. Achievements included acquiring the CE Mark for Cytosol Oopthalmics, Inc. where Mr. Ireland also wrote forecasting information that translated into realized marketing successes.

Most recently at Tar Heel Capital in Boone, North Carolina, Mr. Ireland oversees Information Technology for 76 Wendy's stores. As an senior management official of the company, Mr. Ireland puts into practice the mission statement of Tar Heel Capital, the "Golden Rule" in a very public way, by "treating others as we would like to be treated, holding ourselves to high ethical standards."