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2009 Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference
James Lux
Vice President and CIO, Unidine Corporation

James D. Lux is a business executive with a professional focus on information technology and personal passion for leadership and coaching. Jim has spent the past 12 years as a senior executive driving business change through technology, while assembling and developing exceptional, high-performance teams.

Jim's professional career began in non-IT positions, including cook, server, bartender and manager, in the restaurant industry in the Western New York area. Upon completing college at SUNY Buffalo, he accepted a position with Micros Systems in Boston as a systems integrator and was ultimately promoted to operations manager of the New England Region. It was in this role that Jim first realized the personal reward of developing people and creating committed, high-functioning teams; in addition to the organizational success and industry recognition.

Just after Y2K, Jim was recruited by New England Restaurant Company to drive the consolidation of systems and develop a capable IT team for the Chili's franchisee and their recent Bertucci's acquisition. He quickly recruited a top-notch team of technology professionals and set forth on a five-year plan to make the company a leader in the industry with technology. Two years into the plan, the company sold off its Chili's restaurants to focus exclusively on the Bertucci's concept; at that time, Jim began to hone his skills as an executive, while continuing to coach and develop his team.

With his goals fulfilled and Bertucci's in a leadership position with technology, Jim looked to Unidine Corporation for his next challenge. When moving to Unidine in late 2006, Jim was tasked with creating a team to manage a previously outsourced IT function while managing several acquisitions. He is excited about this challenge and enjoys the personal and professional growth.

Once he had completed his MS at Northeastern University in 2006, Jim decided to pursue a life-long dream and began teaching part-time with the leadership program at the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. He looks to offer some of his experiences to continuing students at Northeastern hoping to help them with their business success. In addition to teaching at Northeastern, Jim holds the volunteer position of President for Northeastern's Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society.

His educational background includes a BS in Business and an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo as well as an MS from Northeastern University in addition to European studies at the Advanced School of Commerce in Tours, France.